Why Dom Rock?

Dom Rock enables people to make assertive business decisions by converting any data and transaction that matter into actionable insights.

Data exchange occurs instantaneously between individuals, systems and companies without any geographical boundaries or time zone limitation.

In organizations, businesses operate in the context of networks they need thus involving in constant data exchange with high volume, variety and speed.

Dom Rock believe that technology must continuously evolve to address the need of dealing with the complexity of the data along with preparing business environment so that human intelligence can tackle opportunities or see and understand risks in near real time.


Inspired by the story of the great lighthouses and their importance in preserving lives and security of the business, our attitude is compared to those who had the task of building, maintaining and running these lighthouses that lit paths, pointing directions and generated gains. We are therefore fascinated by:

• Dealing with the variety, diversity and speed of data.

• Create new forms of management, unprecedented

• Create collaborative environment oriented to the expansion of human capacity

• Always act in time!

Dom Rock Leadership:

Andre De Almeida, Founder, MBA, Economist and IT.

Since November 2013, Andre is dedicated to found and develop Dom Rock. Andre has extensive experience as an entrepreneur and executive in business development, operations, marketing and sales technology services companies to the end consumer and corporate market in the information technology industries and Telecom (ICT).

Luiz Otavio Pessoa Da Silva, Co-founder, Finance and Operations

Strong background as senior executive with more than 20 years of progressive experience in finance, accounting, tax planning and compliance, treasury, strategic planning, financial planning (budget, costs and project analysis), procurement, insurance, and other related areas. Occupied senior positions at Raizen, Claro, Vivo and Ernst Young. Strong qualification in developing and implementing financial controls and processes that drive improvements in operations performance. Luiz Otavio holds MBA in finance from IBMEC, Brazil. Graduated in Accounting with post-graduation in General Management from FGV - Fundação Getulio Vargas in Brazil.

Marcio Santos, Co-founder, System analyst, MBA in entrepreneurship.

Extensive experience in the development and creation of mobile solutions, working from the design, development, implementation and product management in large-scale market in various segments like entertainment, mobile marketing, mobile education and health in highly complex transaction environments.

Ricardo Fabio Sato, Co-founder, M.Sc., Software Engineer.

Sato holds master's degree in Computer Engineering, with specialization in adaptive systems. He also has BS in Computer Science from Mackenzie University. Extensive professional experience in architecture and development of high-capacity and complexity systems demanding high availability.

Gustavo Goulart, Economist, Business Development

Experience in leading B2B sales cycle involving technology, software and professional services.