Dom Rock Platform

Dom Rock captures and analyzes unstructured and dynamic data that traditional solutions do not solve or are very expensive.

Data capturing

Gets data coming from different and varied sources, all the time from anywhere.

Organizations deal with many different data types at all times. Files in plain text, spreadsheets, charts, delimited or not documents, emails, images and videos. These data generally belong to specific systems or even from other organizations that are part of the same network of business and value chain. The respective integration between systems or organizations promote an increasing diversification of volume, variety and velocity of data requiring major challenge to use, manage and extract analysis particularly at a time when decisions need to be taken.

Professionals, on the other hand, do not think in terms of data or their formats and integrations, but rather they think and act motivated by the work to be done, opportunities to be tackled and risks to be mitigated. For this, Dom Rock developed a data capturing technology to make data ingestion simple and efficient so the human capacity to create and act can generate knowledge as a competitive advantage in business. It is the end of the hard work of preparing data in huge amount of spreadsheets.

Models and data fusion for analysis

Creates environments for accurate decision-making.

As data travels over the Dom Rock platform, the various models gain control and launch the job of dealing, preparing, and modelling data and process in order to generate the environment that professionals can interact and see the way they need and searching for answers related to business. The platform is flexible and allows new configurations that can expand the analytical capacity or build new visions arising from previously observed


Facilitates the quest for business answers.

Navigation throughout analysis occurs through graphical and user-friendly interface with a series of threads of possibilities in the way that the business vision demands. Options to export to spreadsheets or other file formats is always one click away.

Besides the direct navigation feature on the platform, professionals involved in performing the analyses can count on using their preferred tools by simply set up a secure and private connection to the Dom Rock platform, ensuring minimal impact on cost and learning curve

Security and collaboration

Allows secure access environment with full interaction between users.

Dom Rock runs on cloud computing thus using strict security policy for both connection between users and systems as well as full control and permissions that each users can access. All the activities are logged for internal control compliance.

The analysis environment is collaborative where users can post messages including comments and attachments in respect to the context of each analysis presented.


Establishes flexible workflow for all users.

The large volume of data and dynamic environment, especially involving several organizations often requires some control points, especially when it involves reconciliation between companies in the value chain. In this context, the platform provides mechanisms to map activities, dates, control points and alerts so that professionals can always act to the extent that the events so require attention.


It offers advanced models for discoveries, trends, risks and opportunities.

The platform is flexible and allows configuration of advanced analytics models in which new discoveries are possible from trends, predictions, opportunity cost and several other forms that professionals involved in the business mission of the organizations they wish and need.