The Dom Rock platform is used in several different applications generating tangible results for organizations.

Reconciliation with traceability helps companies addressing compliance while increasing accrual on accounts receivables while promoting accelerated conversion receivables to cash.

Reconciliation with traceability helps companies to achieve full visibility of cash flow, receivables, payments, costs, taxes, debts, financing and investments always processing all data, to the lowest possible level coming from any format.

Typically, companies perform the reconciliation task in the form of balances as aggregation of transactions recorded in legacies in addition to consider external sources coming from varied forms, such as unstructured documents (contracts, legal actions, opinions, e-mail, to name a few), semi-structured (records in PDF files, for example), or structured.

Dom Rock platform allows to process the reconciliation task from all transactions regardless the original data format always keeping full traceability of the original file which data record is presented. In this way, when verifying the reconciliation resul, business users have the ability to check all original files on the spot, online, thus ensuring the accuracy and security in the information being evaluated for decision-making and projections involving the impact of cash on companies.

Revenue cycle integrity in healthcare helps companies to increase revenue generation and shorten the conversion from receivables to cash thus minimizing revenue loss and denials.

The revenue cycle integrity involves checking revenue risk factors before effectively billing, performing further reconciliantion regardless of the network of companies involved, thus allowing to recover any potential revenue.

Typically, healthcare organizations have short time to deal with vast amount of data and no time to check and correct transactions in time. In practical terms, many organizations send their billings anyway and relying on the later stage of dispute. The result is a high rate of revenue loss due to errors that can not be reversed (in cash) and the long cycle of converting accounts receivable into cash.

Dom Rock platform offers the revenue integrity cycle in modules such as pre-billing, reconciliation, financial cycles and cash flow. In addition, the platform is able to handle any transactions in any type of format (typically PDF files and others) but also natively incorporates the Brazilian TISS/XML standard.

Analysis and agility in the treatment of documents using natural language processing applied to the legal context of Brazil.

Many decisions of market opportunities, operational and financial risk involve the treatment of contracts, opinions, normative instructions, e-mails, lawsuits, to name a few.

Typically, organizations deal with these documents by generating a long cycle of tasks and time to organize, analyze, and make decisions, often leading to high constraint in taking appropriate action.

In the Dom Rock platform the documents are treated by natural language processing algorithms for the legal context of Brazil, allowing classification analyzes according to the business logic in the presented context. The result is to abandon long processes made in months for a matter of a few hours, always keeping traceability of original files and incremental gains in learning.